EQ Learnt

Emotional Intelligence is a vital capability for leadership now, and in the future. EQ is a skill that can be learnt. Here, we help you to do so.

Welcome to EQ Learnt by 4i Leadership Learning.

We provide a range of courses to suit you as a leader during different stages in the development of your emotional intelligence. 

We appreciate that this may be all new, and if so, we crafted a course focused on improving knowledge of the main areas of EQ is a good place to start.  That's EQ 101.

Progressing on from there we have a selection of courses across those key areas, allowing you to dive deeper into each area as you establish a desire or need to apply some focus there - that's the courses of EQ-L2.0

As you feel your way through either of these stages, you may sense that some additional support would be beneficial, in which case you can seek out one of our coaches and spend some time with them helping hold you accountable to achieving learning goals and supporting you as you tackle some of the more challenging elements of enhancing your EQ.

Coaching sessions are available via Zoom to span the broadest geographical range, and timezone coverage across Asia, the USA and Europe.


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Why invest in developing my EQ?

As we seek to move up higher within the organisation and move into leadership roles, Emotional Intelligence (EI) matters more in distinguishing effective leaders.

EI is a skill. It can be learned, developed and continually improved throughout your life – increasing the beneficial outcomes for you, those you lead and the organisation whose performance you drive.

This program uses principles of psychology and behavioural change with an evidence based approach to enable you to understand the value of applying principles of Emotional Intelligence to support individual growth, team dynamics and business performance.

About the course authors;

Sean Grey has been developing leaders as a trainer and Learning & Development program writer for a decade, with a previous 7 years in front-line and leadership roles in Sales and relationship management. Sean has worked for major FMCG corporations and financial institutions, as well as government departments at State and Federal level. Sean is 4i's Practice Leader for Capability & Performance.

Tim Collings has been supporting the careers of leaders across the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA for over 15 years. Tim has worked for global corporates, multi-nationals and entrepreneurs across pretty much every sector he can think to name. Tim founded 4i in 2016 and leads the business as CEO.