EQ-L 2.6 Self Care

This is an area often overlooked in EQ development - caring for yourself.  Being founded and reliant on the more complex parts of our brain (no time for Neurology 101 here, so just take it from us for now!), when we're tired, stressed, in pain or especially sensing that we're under-threat, our ability to use the EQ skills we have, let alone develop them further, reduces massively. Sleep is especially crucial, but also nutrition, rest, de-stressing and general self-maintenance with movement and managing change can all be hugely beneficial areas both to improving your EQ, and your life and leadership overall.

As part of the EQ-L 2.0 course series, this course is for you if developing your Emotional Intelligence is a high priority in your personal, leadership and career development, and Self-Care is one of the areas you’d like to prioritise.

This prioritisation means you'd like to invest some time, effort and a little money into deepening your understanding of this area beyond public domain info, embarking on a learning journey through the series of structured, topic specific modules in this course, giving you knowledge, insights and exercises take on in your own time to improve how you go about caring for your self to maximise your EQ development and use, as well as your overall wellbeing and leadership performance.

All 2.0 courses are supported by course authors Sean & Tim via the EQ-L forum and also your fellow course participant peers in a weekly webinar.

This course is not for you if...you're happy with learning from curated public domain info for free (see our Introduction course EQ-L101).

As a compliment to this course, you can additionally invest by working with a coach to focus on key development areas and accelerate and amplify your EQ improvements.

Module 7: Self Care - Principles of Personal Wellbeing

Developing your EQ is all well and good, but if you're not looking after yourself, you won't be able to deploy your EQ to it's full potential regardless of how much of an expert you've become.

The keys influences within wellbeing on EQ are;

- Sleep

- Stress

- Residual emotion

In this section we guide you through techniques and practices to manage and improve these areas to ensure you can maximise your EQ.

7.1 Self-Care: Stress Management

7.2: Self-Care: Procrastination & Productivity

7.3 Self-Care: Cognitive Reframing

7.4 Self Care: Habits & Coping Strategies

7.5 Self-Care: Mindfulness

7.6 Self-Care: Growth Mindset & Continuous Development