EQ-L Coaching Sessions

Taking the EQ-L learning opportunity to the next level.

As you progress through the modules of the EQ-L Course, you may find certain topics that stand out as hugely beneficial to your life, work and personal interactions.  Whilst the courses have been purpose built to enable self-led learning, supported by the peer-led learning in the weekly group sessions, some customers asked what more they could do to enhance their learning outcomes.

As a leadership development business with a cohort of highly experienced coaches - the answer was an easy one - hire a coach! We've aligned these sessions to provide specific, on-demand support to embed, enhance and accelerate the development of your EQ by working with a coach.

You can chose to book a single coaching session, or a 3 session bundle, whichever is going to help you the most.  We'd recommend giving a single session a go initially, especially if you haven't worked with a coach before.


All sessions are hosted and recorded via Zoom, and are downloadable only by you. Your data is at all times secure and accessible only to you via your my4i login.

If you have any enquiries you'd like to explore before booking a session, there's a contact tab on the booking form, accessible via the button below.