EQ-L 2.5 Purpose & Vision

So, what is your purpose? Grand philosophical question that one! And the answer can of course be yes, and no (like all grand philosophical questions...) What we're focusing on in this course is helping you to establish your purpose and define your vision within the perspective of emotions - how your emotions can serve and enable your purpose, or disable and hinder your pursuit of purpose. Also your vision, how your mastery of emotion not only let's you define and communicate your vision, but do so in such a way that activates and engages those you share it with through the powerful mode of emotional connection.

As part of the EQ-L 2.0 course series, this course is for you if developing your Emotional Intelligence is a high priority in your personal, leadership and career development, and defining and leading via your Purpose & Vision is one of the areas you’d like to prioritise.

This prioritisation means you'd like to invest some time, effort and a little money into deepening your understanding of this area beyond public domain info, embarking on a learning journey through the series of structured, topic specific modules in this course, giving you knowledge, insights and exercises take on in your own time to improve how you live through purpose and communicate your vision.

All 2.0 courses are supported by course authors Sean & Tim via the EQ-L forum and also your fellow course participant peers in a weekly webinar.

This course is not for you if...you're happy with learning from curated public domain info for free (see our Introduction course EQ-L101).

As a compliment to this course, you can additionally invest by working with a coach to focus on key development areas and accelerate and amplify your EQ improvements.

Module 6: Purpose and Vision - The Importance of Authentic Leadership

Grow Capability to develop constructive reflective purposes and apply self-care principles

EQL PV 6.0 Purpose and Vision: Introduction

EQL PV 6.1 Purpose and Vision: Your Individual Values

EQL PV 6.2 Purpose and Vision: Taking Action

EQL PV 6.3 Authenicity: Exploration and Reflection